Advantages of socket with switch

* Date:2019-9-28 15:50:22

Advantages of socket with switch

With the improvement of life, there are more and more appliances in the home, which are more and more diversified, and more and more sockets are needed. More people began to choose five hole universal socket, with switch socket and so on. What are the advantages of the difference between switch socket and ordinary socket?

The socket with switch is a socket panel with a switch and a socket. The switch and socket are independent. The switch can be used to control the power supply of the socket, can also be used to control the light, most of which is still used to control the power supply of the socket.

Now there are many electrical appliances with standby functions, such as induction cooker, range hood, microwave oven, etc. if you plug in and out every day, it will be very troublesome. On the other hand, the electrical appliances in the kitchen have been used for a long time, the plug is more or less stained with oil, and it is even more troublesome to wash your hands when the plug is plugged in and out again stained with oil. If you don't unplug the plug, although the power consumption of standby is small, a little electricity is not much in a day, and a month, a year, and two years later, it's a waste of nothing, and it's not safe, so you need to use the socket with a switch, so you can directly use the switch to control the power supply, when you don't use the switch, just turn off the switch, you don't need to unplug the plug, and this The sample can also increase the service life of the socket.