Calculation of installation quantity of switch socket

* Date:2019-9-28 15:50:22

Calculation of installation quantity of switch socket:

1. One household shoe drying machine

2. One water heater and one thermal cycle

3. One range hood

4. One electric rice cooker

5. One electromagnetic furnace

6. One microwave oven

7. One electric oven

8. One soymilk machine

9. One refrigerator

10. One water purifier

11. 1 disinfection cabinet

12. Garbage disposal 1

13. 1 washing machine

14. TV wall (TV, set-top box, DVD, audio, router, game PC)

15. One water machine and one air conditioner for living room

16. Leave at least one on both sides of sofa wall and sofa

17. 1-2 beside the dining table

18 whether the toilet is equipped with intelligent toilet, and if so, the socket is required,

19. The bathtub for surfing in the bathroom should also be equipped with sockets

20. One small kitchen treasure under the wash basin in the toilet

21. The wash basin in the toilet should also be equipped with a hair dryer

22. The socket of the gas alarm system in the kitchen can have a total of five holes with the range hood

23. There are 1-2 bedside cabinets on both sides of the bedroom. If there is a TV wall, there are 1-2 desks and 1-2 desks under the TV wall.

Of course, this is not necessarily the case. Here is just a list of places that may need to be used for sockets. Specifically, it is necessary to consider comprehensively the actual situation on site.