Common security risks in the use of wall switch socket

* Date:2019-9-28 15:50:22

Common security risks in the use of wall switch socket

First, the switch socket is pressed by the inflammable matter or the dust falls into the short circuit, or is installed in the inflammable and explosive dangerous place. When the plug is inserted or pulled out, the spark will cause the explosion to start the fire.

Two, plug failure is not replaced in time, using bare wire head instead of plugs, causing short circuit or spark, causing inflammable fire.

Three, some bedside switches are put at will after use. The switch strikes the bedstead or wall and causes damage to the outer insulation layer, which is likely to cause short circuit;

Four, the working voltage and working current of the lamppost do not match the power of the socket used, and the overload will cause fire if the temperature is too high.

Five, improper installation of switches, especially placing switches on flammable objects. Once the sheath of the conductor is scratched, the core will be exposed or water vapor penetrates into it, causing short circuit, or when the switch breaks off, an arc will cause the fire.

Six, the switchboard is not placed in the junction box, when the fuse fuse, there will be hot metal particles splashing down, resulting in the combustion of fuel below.

Seven, it is the flammable gas used by the family to leak out of the pipeline or valve, so that when the combustible gas is mixed with the air and reaches a certain limit, the electrical switch that does not eliminate the arc device will produce sparks, causing fires or explosions.