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Suzhou yikewei Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake - Suzhou, the company focuses on research and development, design, manufacturing, sales of electrical equipment and accessories, low-voltage switch control equipment, hardware and electrical equipment, and provides excellent after-sales service.

Our strengths:

1. Select excellent environmental protection materials, meet ROHS standards, and keep away from toxic, harmful and carcinogenic substances.

2. It adopts excellent imported Bayer PC, which meets the requirements of 850 ℃ hot wire, and has excellent fire resistance and insulation capacity.

3. The design of integrated tin phosphor bronze conductive parts and integrated insulating parts has good conductivity and high fatigue resistance.

4. As high as 0.4mm silver point, good contact effect and long service life.

Our mission:

For each family to provide safe, beautiful power solutions.

Our responsibilities:

With environmental protection materials and excellent design, we can make safe, easy-to-use and reliable products.